Business Slowdowns: Key Tips to Improve Accounting Strategy

Holiday seasons are periods of excitement for everyone, except for businessmen. Holidays are dubbed as times of ’seasonal slowdowns’ in business parlance and entrepreneurs in Dubai need to find out visible solutions to navigate such challenges. If you are an entrepreneur, you should plan for business slowdowns with the help of accounting firms in Dubai. New entrepreneurs in Dubai may initially struggle when seasonal slowdowns hit their businesses. This article is intended to help such business owners as Christmas slowdowns are coming. Read ahead to know some tips to navigate the challenges of business slowdowns in Dubai:

1. Learn about the Slow Seasons

In Dubai, Ramadan is one of the biggest events that slow businesses down. Christmas is another festivity that mostly hits businesses with European or American clients. During Christmas, most of the clients take a vacation to their homeland. Mark such slow seasons in your business calendar and etch out a plan to tackle business slowdowns during those periods. Your trusted accounting companies in Dubai can help you devise a robust plan for Christmas and Ramadan slowdowns.

2. Focus on Fixed Expenses

Your clients are on a holiday, but you will be tensed about fixed expenses such as tax obligations, rent, utilities, and salaries for the year-round employees. Accounting firms in Dubai recommend you generate an accurate project cash flow to navigate this challenge. This strategy will help you to cover all your expenses well ahead of the holidays.

3. Track Customers’ Payment Trends

Next, you need to review the payment trends of all your customers. While reviewing the payment history of client’s, you may notice that some of them delay payments during the holiday seasons. Move the invoices of such slow payers to the top of your list to pay. Invoices must be sent to them at a time that is earlier in the cycle. This strategy will help you ensure that the payment would be completed before the slowdown kicks off.

4. Keep Your Operating Costs Down

Keeping operating costs down is a sensible solution to tackle the challenges of the business slowdown in Dubai. You must make sure to consistently collect receivables and minimise unnecessary expenses. Cost-cutting must be done without compromising on the quality of your products or services. Accounting companies in Dubai can help you to identify the areas where cost-cutting can be implemented.

5. Identify Alternative Revenue Streams

Entrepreneurs should always have a contingent plan for long holidays or else it may sink your business. Holiday slowdown is a stark reality and you need to create alternative revenue streams to face it bravely. Be creative and come out with an effective revenue-generating plan that would help keep your business afloat during a slowdown.

6. Tackle Financial Transaction Delays

You need to take extra care about financial transactions during business slowdowns. Long holidays will impact all the b-related transactions including deposits. Think about how you can manage the transactional delays during long holidays and come up with a robust plan. Get help from accounting firms in Dubai if you are running out of ideas.

7. Set Aside Extra Cash for a Slow Season

Even if you plan well for the holidays, things may fall apart. You may still face the risks of facing financial gaps even after cutting down the expenses and creating new revenue streams. Keeping an emergency fund specifically for business slowdown will help you avoid such risks. You can create a line of credit before the slow season to ensure that you have adequate cash when you need it most. Set aside some extra cash to navigate the holiday lull while creating a budget with the help of accounting firms in Dubai.

Hire the Best Accounting Firms in Dubai, UAE 

The Christmas season is generally a period of business lull in Dubai as businessmen leave the city for vacations. This will mostly affect the small businesses as payments will be delayed. Consider trying the methods described here with the help of the best accounting firms in Dubai to navigate the business slowdowns. Since cash flow is major trouble during seasonal slowdowns, it is sensible to seek help from accounting companies in Dubai such as Jitendra Chartered Accountants (JCA).

Our Chartered Accountants in Dubai can assist you in navigating the seasonal challenges faced by your business. JCA provides you with the expert guidance and services of the best accountants in Dubai who will guide you in implementing the best accounting & bookkeeping practices in your company. We can also help you with additional services such as filing VAT returns, Economic substance Regulation (ESR) compliance, Anti-money Laundering and Combatting Financing of Terrorism (AML-CFT) compliance etc.