Tax Agency

A Tax Agency is a legal entity which is licensed to operate as a Tax Agency and has registered with the FTA as a Tax Agency.

Once registered, a Tax Agency can operate provided that it has at least one registered Tax Agent associated with it.

The responsibilities of a Tax Agency are as under :

The following are the duties and responsibilities of Tax agencies when appointed by taxable persons to assist them :

  1. Assist the taxable person with their tax obligations. For eg. Helping the businesses register with the FTA. Preparing and submitting tax returns to the FTA on behalf of the businesses.
  2. Refuse to participate in any work or planning which may result in a breach of any law by any person or may jeopardize the integrity of the tax system or result in a loss of revenue due to the FTA.
  3. Facilitate and offer assistance during a tax audit.
  4. Provide the FTA with all the information, documents, records and data required for any taxable Person represented by the tax agent upon the FTA’s request.
  5. Enquiring about tax-related matters with the FTA.
  6. Submitting requests for reconsideration of decisions issued by the FTA.
  7. Maintain the confidentiality of any information obtained in the course of performing its duties.

Appointing a registered Tax agency in Dubai, UAE:

Jitendra Tax Consultants (JTC) is an approved Tax agency regulated and authorized by the Federal Tax Authority bearing TAAN No 30002497.

Taxable persons should appoint registered Tax agencies when necessary for direct representation to the FTA.

We at JTC offer the below services.

  1. Tax Planning
  2. Tax implementation
  3. Tax registration
  4. Tax advisory services
  5. Tax training
  6. Tax compliance
  7. Tax representation
  8. Tax dispute resolutions
  9. Tax audit assistance