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Procedure & Documents required for Registration for VAT in Dubai

The Federal Tax Authority in UAE has prescribed documents required for value added tax certificate application. The VAT registration can be issued in the name of a company as well an individual. A non registered person will be automatically treated as a consumer and will end up paying tax without availing tax credit. It is therefore necessary to get registered.

Documents for VAT Registration Application

The very first step for the businesses is to get registered under the value added tax. Taxable persons with a minimum taxable turnover of AED 375,000 and above should get registered. The official website of the Federal Tax Authority www.tax.gov.ae provides the online facility of e-services. The entire process of the VAT registration is online.

VAT registration process in UAE is as below:

1. The applicant should register online on the Federal tax authority website.

2. VAT registration form would require specific business details, such as:

  • Description of business activities
  • Last 12 months turnover figures
  • Projected future turnover figures
  • Expected values of imports and exports
  • Whether you expect to deal with GCC suppliers or customers?
  • Details of Customs authority registration, if applicable

3. The various documents required are not limited to :

  • Document identifying the authorized signatory e.g. Emirates ID (Authorized signatory can be director, owner, someone holding a power of attorney to sign on behalf of the business) Trade license
  • Other official documents authorizing the entity to conduct activities within UAE.

a. Certificate of incorporation
b. Articles of association
c. Bank account details

If successful a Tax Registration Number (TRN) will be issued within 20 days.

Disadvantages of Non-Registration :

A non registered taxable person would not be able to claim credit for the input tax paid on the purchases neither get a refund. This would be in addition to the fines and penalties that would be levied by the Federal Tax Authority. It is therefore important to get registered.

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