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Business Advisory Firms for VAT in Dubai :

If you are an individual or a company needing a business advisory firms for VAT in Dubai, your search ends here! We are dealing with auditing, accounting, and day to day bookkeeping services in Dubai. With the introduction of value added tax from the year 2018, we are also assisting all types of businesses for all the VAT related matters. A company registered for value added tax requires maintaining a set of records pertaining to the transactions. We help in registering, maintaining your VAT records, and in filing returns. The value added tax is a tax on consumption of all the goods and services. It will be paid by the businesses to the government. However, finally it will be incurred by the consumers. Likewise many other countries of the world, GCC countries have also agreed upon adaptation of VAT. The tax will be levied on dealings of all the goods and services except food items, education, and healthcare.

 Consultation for VAT Registration and Returns :

All the companies liable to get registered under this tax mechanism will need to comply with this new legal requirement. It begins with VAT registration and implementation. Here are some tips for the companies for the basic requirements of the newly introduced tax system:

  1. Make sure that the taxable goods are applied proper tax and the supplier is also giving the tax details in the invoice.
  2. Also, ensure at the time of sale about the 5% VAT rate on sale value. Reduce the amount of input tax to derive the amount of the invoice.
  3. Pay the VAT in time as per the time limit stated by the government or Ministry of Finance UAE.
  4. File the returns within the stipulated timeframe.
  5. Maintain stock, accounts, invoices in a proper way. The records should be justifying the tax paid while purchasing. We are providing services for proper accounting of the taxes paid and the filed returns. With VAT registration of the firm, maintenance of records will also hold a great significance. There are ample of business advisory firms for VAT in Dubai and UAE. Choosing the right business advisory firm with professional and affordable services is a big task. The role of a business consultancy is important for the precise compliance of the value added tax.

VAT Consultancy & VAT Services in Dubai :

We provide comprehensive services pertaining to payment and returns of the value added tax. Get expert services at affordable charges for the following:

  1. VAT registration application
  2. Maintaining records of VAT transactions
  3. Filing the regular returns on time
  4. Consultation on planning and finance management in view of VAT
  5. Resolving investigations and queries by the VAT authorities
  6. Resolving additional taxes and penalties
  7. Proper liaising with the authorities
  8. Monitoring and implementing updated tax formalities

The VAT related services will be facilitated on the official website of the ministry of finance, UAE. However, they can be time-consuming and need accurate monitoring. While you concentrate on your main business, the business advisory firms for VAT in Dubai can take care of your VAT liabilities. When your business is keeping you occupied, hiring services of professional business consultancies is the best idea for smooth functioning.

Find JCA UAE Audit, Leading Business Advisory Firms for VAT in Dubai, for more information, Inquire us today.

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