Why Accounting Systems Analysis is Essential for Business Growth in 2022?

Companies in the UAE are required to maintain the books of accounts as per the Commercial Companies Law and various free zone regulations. Various other laws such as the UAE VAT Law and also mandate the UAE companies to maintain financial records. Every company follows an accounting system to maintain the financial records of all the transactions. Often, they seek help from accounting firms in Dubai to implement a robust accounting system within the organisation.

A foolproof accounting system is required to ensure regulatory compliance, make better decisions, prevent fraud, and drive business growth.  However, implementing a flawless accounting system is a tough task. Even if you manage to have a robust accounting system, it is essential to analyse it periodically to identify its drawbacks or flaws. This process is called accounting system analysis, which can be performed with the help of accounting & bookkeeping firms in Dubai.

Read ahead to understand why performing an accounting system analysis is essential for business growth in 2022.

What is an Accounting System Analysis? 

An accounting system analysis simply means the process of evaluating and analysing the effectiveness of the accounting system followed by a company. Carrying out an accounting systems analysis helps organisations to identify the weaknesses present in the current accounting system, and how they can eliminate such flaws to achieve anticipated profits. Based on the results of the accounting systems analysis, you can make necessary changes to the accounting systems and effectively achieve the desired results. Hire the best accounting firms in Dubai to carry out an accounting system analysis.

Key Parts of Accounting System Analysis  

The process of carrying out an accounting system analysis involves a series of steps. Most of these steps are part of the standard procedure followed by most accounting companies in Dubai to carry out accounting system analysis. The following steps are involved in an accounting system analysis:

1. Analysis

An accounting system, in essence, is the concrete base every business rely upon. Organisations measure their business performance and financial position through the accounting process. Since the business environment in Dubai is highly dynamic, the requirements of businesses may also keep change warranting an analysis. Apart from that companies must analyse accounting systems from time to time to identify the changes needed to be made in tandem with the changes in nature and type of business transactions. Once the analysis is complete, you can start improving the accounting system based on the recommendations made by accounting firms in Dubai.

2. Design

After the analysis process is done, you can start the design of the accounting system. The newly designed system should be robust enough to help you meet the company’s core requirements and the needs of the individuals handling key responsibilities in the organisation. The new design should accommodate revised & updated accounting standards and other updates such as  VAT ratings. Accounting & bookkeeping firms in Dubai can help you design the accounting system of your company.

3. Implementation

We are done with the analysis and designing part, which means it’s time to implement the new accounting system in your company. Implementation is a time-consuming process. Moreover, the system may require changes in some areas even after the implementation. Training must be provided to your in-house accounting team about the newly implemented accounting system. The time required to complete the implementation is also dependent upon the level of complexity of the system. Once all these steps are executed, businesses can expect growth without facing any potential obstacles. Accounting firms in Dubai can help you complete all three steps without any hassle.

Key Advantages of Accounting System Analysis 

Periodically performing an accounting system analysis will help the management to understand the organisation’s accounting requirements. Accounting firms in Dubai can help you perform the accounting system analysis without any hassle. Carrying out an accounting system analysis can help your company in the following ways:

1. Understand the Current State of Business

An accounting system analysis helps the management understand the current situation of the business. It will enable you to take better decisions to improve the business operations.

2. Keep in Tandem with Technology

Periodic accounting system analysis will help companies to keep them in tandem with the evolving technologies related to accounting & bookkeeping and business management.

3. Obtain a Big Picture of the Company

The management can get a big picture of the company’s activities and financial position by performing an accounting system analysis. It will help you earn optimal returns by making the necessary changes in the accounting system.

4. Assessing your Competition

Having an accounting system analysis helps you compare the accounting systems of different businesses. By carrying out the analysis, you will get to know about the accounting system used and the company can make changes to meet the future competition based on the comparison.

How can Jitendra Chartered Accountants help to boost up your business? 

Accounting firms in Dubai hope that the process and advantages listed in this article will help you understand the reason to carry out periodic accounting systems analysis. A well-designed accounting system can help you achieve business growth and accounting & bookkeeping firms in Dubai such as Jitendra Chartered Accountants (JCA) can help you analyse the account g systems efficiently.  JCA’s qualified professionals can assist you by providing all the necessary guidance on analysing the accounting system. Our team will ensure that your organisation is not exposed to any risks and we will provide a clear picture of the performance of your business with the help of bespoke accounting services in Dubai.