EmaraTax: New Platform to Replace Existing UAE FTA Portal

The UAE Federal Tax Authority (FTA) will launch a new integrated platform called EmaraTax to significantly enhance the way taxpayers access the authority’s services. Taxable entities need to keep track of the launch of the new platform as they will require to migrate from the current FTA portal to the EmaraTax platform. Tax consultants in Dubai can assist taxpayers with migrating to the new platform without any hassle.

Since all the services currently provided by the FTA will be soon accessible only through the EmaraTax, businesses need to have a proper understanding of the platform’s features and attributes. In this blog, we will detail some of the top features of the UAE EmaraTax platform. Read ahead to know further:

What Is the Core Purpose of the UAE EmaraTax Platform?

The FTA has developed the EmaraTax platform in the UAE after extensive analyses and consultations. The development of EmaraTax represents the FTA’s ambition to be a leading, digitalised, tax administration in line with the UAE’s national digital agenda. With the launch of the EmaraTax, the FTA can ensure efficient tax administration, faster decision-making and earlier engagement with taxpayers that require support. The core aim of the EmaraTax, however, is to enable taxable persons to ensure tax compliance in the UAE more effectively.

What Services You Can Access through the EmaraTax Platform?

As per the FTA, the EmaraTax platform will provide online access to 119 tax services in the UAE. This means EmaraTax offers 84 more services than being offered by the existing FTA portal. You can use the EmaraTax platform to access a wide range of tax services such as tax registration, tax deregistration, tax return filing, tax payments, tax refund etc. Tax agents in Dubai can offer further guidance on the services available on EmaraTax.

How to Create an Account or Log into EmaraTax?

Details of taxpayers will be migrated to the EmaraTax if they already have an account with the FTA. However, they will be required to reset their passwords while logging into the platform for the first time. Taxpayers who can log in to their existing FTA accounts and have access to their registered email account will receive an email that contains a detailed set of instructions to guide them through the password reset process.

Taxable persons who can log in to their existing FTA account but cannot access their registered email accounts can reset their password using a different process. FTA will update you about the process soon. Those who do not have an FTA account can set up a new account on EmaraTax easily. Once you have an EmaraTax account, you can easily access the necessary FTA online services.

EmaraTax: How to Submit Tax Returns?

The FTA has instructed the taxpayers to keep submitting tax returns and making payments due as usual. The FTA will communicate any important updates regarding tax returns and payments through its social media channels, or email. Tax consultants in Dubai can update you when the FTA issues any important development regarding tax returns or tax payments.

Generate a Unique Payment Reference Number for GIBAN Payments

Taxpayers in the UAE should include the unique reference number while making payments using GIBAN. This unique number will help you to make sure that your payments are accurately allocated against your selected liabilities. Moreover, the UAE banks and other financial institutions are integrated with EmaraTax so that the unique reference number will be used to validate the GIBAN and the amount payable to ensure that the correct sums are allocated properly.

Use MagnatiPay to Make Online Payments

The FTA no longer accepts e-Dirham as a payment method. You should use the MagnatiPay platform to pay taxes in the UAE. Magnati accepts payments made using any Visa or Mastercard prepaid, debit or credit card. Tax agents in the UAE can advise you on how to pay taxes using Magnati.

Using EmaraTax to Apply for Tax Refunds in the UAE

You need to keep submitting the tax refund requests as usual. The EmaraTax will show all your information including pending refund requests. Taxable persons registered for VAT or Excise Tax will be able to submit a consolidated refund request for all eligible credit balances for each tax type for multiple tax periods. Such persons can submit all evidence supporting their refund request online along with their claim.

Persons eligible for VAT refunds in the UAE such as home builders, accredited Foreign Mission or Foreign Diplomats, persons who construct or operate Mosques, and business visitors get an improved system to apply for the refunds. They can submit and track the status of their refund application in an enhanced way using the EmaraTax.

When Will EmaraTax Launch in the UAE?

The FTA is likely to launch EmaraTax in the UAE in November 2022. The system is in the final stages of being launched and the FTA will inform you about the exact date when the EmaraTax will go live in the UAE.

What Should you do Now?

Taxpayers need to actively check their registered email accounts for any instruction sent by the FTA regarding the EmaraTax. If you are an existing tax registrant, your account will be automatically migrated to the new system and you don’t need to sign up. Those without an FTA account need to create a new account with the EmaraTax.

Consult with the Best Tax Consultants in Dubai, UAE

Taxpayers will get a highly streamlined platform to ensure tax compliance in the UAE once the EmaraTax platform goes live. Tax consultants in Dubai such as Jitendra Chartered Accountants (JCA) can guide taxable persons on how to use the EmaraTax effectively. JCA’s tax services in Dubai will come in handy for you to smoothly transition into the FTA’s new platform.