Five Qualities to Look For While Hiring Auditors in Dubai

The process of audit is no longer being viewed merely as a legal compulsion across the world. By providing a true and fair opinion on the books of accounts of a company, an external auditor adds not only real value to the organization by identifying the business loopholes but also creates an image among the third parties such as banks, members and non-active partners.

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In this ever-changing world, businesses are also demanding more from an auditor. In a survey titled Forbes Audit 2025, the companies expect the auditors to provide insights to make more informed business decisions, proactive quality assurance & regulatory compliance, and insights on assessing risk and risk management.

In short, businesses across the world are expecting auditors to provide them with a holistic view of the financial prospects of their firms. As the demands of the auditee are seen rising over the years, it is interesting to learn what qualities should be there in the external auditors in Dubai.

Here is a breakdown of the top five qualities that you should look for before hiring external auditors in Dubai.

1. Effective Communication and Reporting Skills

Strong communication skills must be at the top of your preference while scouting for external auditors in Dubai. An auditor should possess the right skill sets to articulate his point of view on the issues of the organization. It is an auditor’s top responsibility to convey thoughts, ideas, and suggestions during meetings and presentations.

You might have doubts and questions regarding the applicability of specific regulations in different circumstances. The auditor should explain the answer to those questions with much clarity and also communicate to you the thinking behind their decisions. You also need to understand easily the reports and recommendations the auditors prepare. Communication should be equally effective in all the hierarchies within the organization.

2. Professional Scepticism 

There are hundreds of audit firms in Dubai that have highly qualified auditors. But the one you must choose should exercise professional scepticism while performing the audit of your business. The auditor should ask tough questions and stay alert. To get an unbiased opinion on your financial statements, it is imperative that the external auditor should view the issues, facts, and figures with an adequate amount of scepticism.

Your auditor should ask you questions about data irregularities, examine the estimates, and validate the suppositions. Professional scepticism equips the auditor with the strength of character to eschew shortcuts and scrutinize the aspects of the audit again if something vital is seen missing.  A bad auditor accepts the information provided by the client as truth but the best auditors in Dubai will ask themselves if they are getting the true picture.

3. Adept at Technology

The best external auditors in Dubai are the ones who combine professional integrity with tech-based innovation. The auditors of reputed audit firms in Dubai are hell-bent on creating robust solutions to simplify the process of the audit through the use of technology and innovation. As nearly all businesses in Dubai are currently adopting digital transformation in the post-COVID-19 period, the auditor’s reliance on technology and innovation will benefit you.

In tandem with the times, the audit firms in Dubai are adopting future-ready technologies for the audit process by investing in the latest mobile applications, highly advanced data analytics, visualization technologies, and inventive platforms for collaboration. A tech-savvy auditor gets more opportunities to focus on his clients’ pertinent issues and challenges which include audit areas that need more scrutiny.

4. Critical Mindset & High Business Acumen

The quality of critical thinking enables the auditor to make objective analyses and examine the information and facts that may lead to actionable insights. An auditor with prowess in critical thinking will impress you by asking the right questions and will enlighten you with effective recommendations.

An auditor with the right business acumen can easily understand the industry you are in and also understand the way your business functions. The business acumen enables the auditor to impart his own valuable experiences to your company as he knows your industry in and out. Outsource the audit requirement to the best audit firms in Dubai because such firms have immense experience in working in a variety of industries.

5. Emotional Intelligence

Auditors should be objective in their analyses and must be sceptical in their approach but that doesn’t mean they should be iron-hearted. This is important because even though the auditor needs to be level-headed his clients will be having a different mindset due to the pressure of the audit. The clients must be facing pressure due to a variety of reasons including messy financial records, or the worry of potential fraud.

In times like these, you will be requiring the help of an auditor who keeps his composure and ensures that the audit remains accurate. A 2018 study by the International Journal of Auditing has found that audit quality improves if the auditor is having adequate emotional intelligence. The study says that emotional intelligence plays a key role in easing the effects of different types of pressures on the auditor’s judgment.

Seek the Help of Experienced Audit Firms in Dubai

It may seem a bit outlandish to write about the qualities of an auditor in an age marked by digital transformation and the advancement of futurist technologies. However, human qualities are central to making the right judgments for an auditor as well as being a supporting hand to his client. The auditor needs qualities such as emotional intelligence, business acumen, scepticism, technological knowledge, and communication skills to make the right judgment on the financial records as well as effectively deal with the clients.

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As a business owner, it would be tough for you to find the right external auditors in Dubai with all five qualities. However, a viable solution is to identify the best auditing firms in Dubai such as Jitendra Chartered Accountants (JCA). JCA’s highly qualified auditors will ensure that your company’s books of accounts are complying with the local and international standards. By hiring JCA’s auditors you can boost your company’s credibility and transparency before the regulators and lenders thereby increasing the business reputation and growth.

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