Six Ways To Simplify And Optimize Your Small Business’s Accounting System

Entrepreneurs having a fair knowledge about the importance of the accounting process often aspire to build a robust accounting system in their organisation. Many entrepreneurs in Dubai seek to emulate larger businesses in their pursuit to build an accounting system for their small businesses. However, the thing is small businesses can’t model big-business accounting systems as it’s not effective and may result in wastage of time and money. Instead, small businesses should try to simplify and optimise their accounting system with the help of accounting firms in Dubai.

Larger businesses have robust accounting systems with strong internal controls. Their accounting systems are managed by multiple employees. Small businesses can’t have this model as the individual entrepreneur will be managing most of the processes in his or her organisation. If this case applies to you, try these six measures to simplify your accounting system.

1. Automate and upgrade your invoicing system 

Use an automated invoice technology that will empower your business with the ability to process invoices electronically with the use of payment portals. This can add efficiency to your accounting system as automation will save you from plugging in invoice information into your accounting software, sending out payment reminders, and reconciling payments, An automated invoice software solution will do the entire process for you right from the moment invoices are created to when payments are received and reconciled. Using a cloud-based invoice solution will save you from the typical headaches of having to upgrade your software or the fear of data loss.

2. Don’t track inventory on the accounting system 

If your business has an inventory, it is recommended to use dedicated industry-specific software for tracking inventory. Otherwise, you can consider a generic inventory management system. Make sure that your accounting system track just purchases. Your accountant can adjust the cost of goods sold at year-end. Accounting and bookkeeping firms in Dubai can advise you better on this matter.

3. Have Dedicated Business Accounts 

Ensure to separate your business account from your personal account. Tracking income and expenses would become easier if you have a dedicated business account. It would also save your time by making you diligent about which credit card to swipe.

4. A Good System for Expense Management 

Ensure that your company is having an efficient system to manage staff costs and reimburse them for these costs. Recording of expenses (tracking receipts) in your system, taking into account the purpose of the expenses and when the expenses are reimbursed must be in place for recording. If your employees do not have access to business credit or debit cards, you must also develop a standard procedure for reporting expenses and requesting reimbursement.

5. Accounts Payable Management 

A complete system for managing the paying accounts is necessary because the lack of it will put your business’ reputation at risk. Also, it will lead to unnecessary costs of late fees and interests. Try to pay all your bills on time or early if discounts are available for early payment.

6. Tax planning, tax preparation and Tax filing 

You can optimise your accounting system by being always ’tax-ready’. Being adequately prepared for the tax season would save you from unnecessary panic and stress. It can help file VAT returns accurately on time without incurring any penalties. Outsourcing to accounting firms in Dubai would help you maintain and organise all the records and documents that are mandatory for VAT filing. Furthermore, being ready for the tax season would help you avoid tax audits by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA).

Get Help from the Best Accounting Firms in Dubai 

Larger companies and corporations have a complex system of accounting as they have multiple teams of in-house accountants to run it smoothly. In contrast, small businesses in Dubai can’t afford to have such a complex accounting system as they lack in-house accounting teams. In such a case, small business owners can simplify and optimise their accounting systems by employing the recommendations mentioned here. Otherwise, they can outsource their accounting needs to the best accounting firms in Dubai such as Jitendra Chartered Accountants (JCA) which would help reduce the costs and create a robust accounting system.

JCA has a team of highly qualified accounting professionals who will ensure that your accounting system is smooth, simple and robust. JCA will guide you through important requirements including budgeting and forecasting apart from ensuring that your financial records are maintained properly and in compliance with UAE laws. JCA will reduce your headaches about vital aspects such as VAT return filing, Economic Substance Requirements and maintenance of real beneficiary registers. Avail JCA’s accounting services in Dubai to ensure success comes to you faster.