Benefits of Hiring Internal Auditors in Dubai, UAE

UAE has witnessed significant growth over the last decade with establishments in UAE expanding and diversifying exponentially. This makes it practically difficult for the shareholders to oversee the business operations round the clock and thereby dilutes direct management oversight on the business functions, necessitating the need for an internal audit function.  Internal audit services in Dubai, UAE fills this gap and plays an important role in assuring the shareholders that the business processes are designed appropriately and working efficiently.

Internal audit is one of the most important functions within an organization in spite of the fact that there are no corporate or income tax laws prevalent within the U.A.E. Every business needs to conduct internal audits regularly to identify and mitigate risks, assists the accounting team in efficient and management reporting timely, evaluate the organization’s internal controls and avoid fraud and misappropriation threats.


Top Five Advantages of Outsourcing Internal Audit in Dubai, UAE:

1. Evaluation of Internal Controls

An important reason to conduct an internal audit is to evaluate the design and the operational effectiveness of internal controls and thereby, provide an assurance to the management on these controls. The main objective of providing internal audits services in Dubai, UAE is to identify any existing gaps in the internal controls and provide necessary recommendations. Through this process, an internal audit tries to prevent frauds, avoids misappropriation, and improves the financial reliability of operations.

2. Assess the Risk Management Processes

In today’s world of globalization and technological advancements, business in Dubai, U.A.E has become very dynamic and is subject to various operational, technological financial, legal, and compliance risks. Internal audits identify key risks and recommend ways of mitigating or transferring the risks. They evaluate the risk management processes within the organization and check if they are functioning accurately.

3. Safeguards Assets

Every businessman does a minimum investment in assets from the time that he sets up for the organization until the very end. These assets are subject to theft or misappropriation over a period of time. Providing internal audit services in Dubai, U.A.E plays a very crucial role in safeguarding and preventing the theft and misappropriation of assets by establishing appropriate internal controls on the acquisition, usage, and disposition.

4. Ensures Effective and Timely Management Reporting

An internal audit assists the finance and accounting team with periodic and flawless management reporting. The internal audit function reviews the business performance compared to previous periods and budgets, identifies trends and variances and reasons for the same through regular management reporting eg. Profit and loss account, Balance sheet, Budget analysis. The internal auditor reviews the reports submitted by the accountant before submission to the management. This helps the management to take appropriate decisions and plan timely.

5. Provides Value Additions and Process Improvements

An internal audit plays a key role in promoting value additions and improvements to the existing business processes and practices. It raises the existing standards to the industry benchmarks and eliminates redundant and obsolete processes, thereby paving a way for innovations and better ways of doing things. It makes employees more productive, improves efficiency, quality of operations, and promotes the growth of the organisation.


Outsource Internal Audit to Auditing Companies in Dubai, UAE

By regularly conducting internal audits, the outsourced internal auditors in Dubai evaluates and improves the effectiveness of governance, risk management, and control processes on an ongoing basis. The organisation stays in check and successfully balances all procedures regularly.

There are various audit firms in Dubai that are offering outsourced internal auditing services across UAE, Get your accounts audited from internal auditors to building a better understanding of the organizational controls. Internal audit is a process that is helpful in figuring out any loopholes in the company accounting process and detecting any financial misrepresentation to prevent financial crime. Furthermore, hiring services from auditing companies in Dubai can help in saving the cost of the in-house auditor. Alternatively, you can save money by paying only for the task done and that from professional auditors who have diversified experience in auditing various company accounts. Audit firms are well aware of new laws, regulations and penalties that govern the local auditing & accounting standards in UAE.

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